Fr. Tom Egan, Deacon Vincent Malone, Edoardo Albert, Jane Landi, Ramon Landi, Jackie Reddington, Cecilia Webb, Sean Carroll, Brian Hunt, Gerard Barden, John Donnelly, Shaneez Hassan, Marianne Ahearne and Felicity Brown.


Clyde Webb, Fr Kevin Moule, Joe Sutton, Gregory Howard, John Wilson, Pat Madigan, Pat Bolger, Anuli Igboaka and Hilary Carrasco.


The meeting started with a prayer. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING ON FEBRUARY 15th 2010

The minutes were signed as correct.  Apologies to those whose names are being spelt incorrectly.


Born for This.  The Ten Ten led performance on Good Friday was well supported and has gleaned fantastic reviews.

Felicity will send pictures and a report to Compass about the performance for Churches Together.

Eddie will also put some on the website.

Baby changer.  This has been returned and refunded, although the parish had to pay shipping costs.  People would still like something that they can use, as it is not easy for all parishioners to lay the baby on the floor.  Perhaps a free-standing unit could be purchased.


First Quarter: to March 2010  Please refer to the finance spreadsheet handout for details.

Offertory up £3,000 on same period last year.  We are getting some parishioners from Whetstone as they are finding our mass times more to their liking. 

Parish centre revenue up, Christmas and Easter offerings similar to same period last year.

Recurring income for period: £55,861 against £52,495 for the same period last year.

Expenditure:  Slightly down on same quarter last year.  The repairs and renewal figure is about half - £3,000.  We have purchased a new water tank and replaced the ladder to the loft in the house in this quarter.

The net recurring income is £12,000 compared with £8,000 last March.

Other income (spreadsheet page 2)

£2,000 to March 2010.  £18,000 to March 2010 included donations for benches.

Overall we have an increase of £14,500 on the bank balance, which now stands at £202,000 from £188,000 at the end of December 09.  At the end of March 09 there was a deficit of £50,000 because we paid for the benches in that quarter.


The Statement of the Archbishop’s concerning the issue of child abuse was linked to our website for parishioners to read.

Born for This photos will be uploaded, as were some of Ramon and Sean Donaghy covering the statue of the Risen Christ for Holy Week.


Lenten Talks went well with a good attendance of about 30 – 35 people.  The subject was Luke’s Gospel and gave those present a good understanding of the scripture.  Access to the upstairs room was a bit of an issue, as there were those who would have liked to attend but were unable to take the stairs.  The halls were being used for Born for This practice.

The priests enjoy doing the research for their talks, and find they also are learning from them.  They will continue to use the scriptures for further talks in Advent.

The services of Holy Week were well attended with reverence and devotion.

The excellent production of Born for This showed what a talented parish we have here!  It’s good for us that Ten Ten are in the parish.  It was also good to have an “inclusive” cast.


Compass has lost some of it’s advertising, so the quality has dipped recently.

The winter shelter programme worked well again this winter.

£208 was raised by the Christmas Carol singing at Arnos Grove.

A successful Quiz was held at Manor Drive.

Barnet Fund, Community Cohesion have purchased a bus for young people.

St Paul has activities for the youth.

The Church of God have been holding events for Haiti.

Information is available in the parish and other places around the area about the New Southgate Masterplan, which the council are promoting.  We have the opportunity to comment on the plan and there are phone numbers and email addresses in the literature.  Of particular concern is the proposal to build houses on part of the tube station car park.


We have chosen the contractors to replace the sanctuary floor and steps.  We have also got someone in to clean the stone of the lectern and font – this will be done at the beginning of May.  The Finance Committee have approved up to £25,000 to spend on this work.

We would also like to see if something can be done about the red concrete floor at the back of the church, although there is not as yet agreement as to how to achieve this.  It would cost upward of £10,000 to replace the concrete with wood.

There will be no Parish Lunch in October, but another one will be held in February 2011.


There was a serious incident at last Sunday’s coffee morning concerning children playing in the ladies toilets and causing quite a lot of upset.  Fr. Tom suggested that the patio could be used in good weather for them to run around.  Parents would have to supervise their own children and be responsible for their behaviour.  There could be a problem with noise during mass, but most people have left the hall before the next mass begins.


Confirmation takes place this coming weekend.  The team has made the Bishop aware of the problems we have had with our Confirmation group this year.  Some of the Knights of St Columba have volunteered to join the catechists next year. 

Fr. Tom and Deacon Vincent are chaplains to the Knights, whose numbers are increasing.  They were very pleased with almost 400 pairs of spectacles in their recent appeal.  They are becoming much more visible around the church – they handed out the posters for Holy Week and brought in the cross on Good Friday.

The Diocese have arranged a number of retreats for the clergy during the Year of the Priest and all of ours have been on one, but none of them did the eight mile walk in Northumberland.  There is a day at London Colney on 1st June for our Diocese.  This parish is holding an event on 18th June and many of our past and present priests have accepted the invitation.  Some are abroad and have already sent their apologies.  Fr Donald Graham is working in the missions, but will be saying a special mass on the same day.


CHURCH KNEELERS.  These are not being treated well and will not last if we are not careful.  Could a notice be put on the pews asking people not to walk on them?  Or in the newsletter?  It is not easy to lift the whole row up as people may be kneeling on them.

JUSTICE AND PEACE.  John Donnelly is our representative and receives information via email.  It would be good if we could get a link onto the website, so that the parish at large is aware of J&P events. 

ST JOSEPH’S are holding another sponsored walk through Arnos and Broomfield Parks, and will use the hall as a base.  If you are not sponsored you can join the walk for £5.

CHILD PROTECTION.  There is now a new process, which everyone needs to go through.  The forms should be available on-line.  Nicky is looking for someone to assist with all the form filling.


CAR PARK CLEANING.  The Scouts helped with this before Easter and did a very good job.  Hopefully they will help again.

CAR PARK SIGNS.   New entrance and exit signs have been ordered and are due to arrive this coming week.


AGM 4th July at 7.30 pm

Next council meeting:  13th September 8.15 pm.