Today in the Gospel we hear the story about Jesus who walks on the water. The Gospel tell us that Peter began to walk towards the Lord but started to sink when fear took hold of him. There is a reflection here for each of us. Jesus invites us all to step out and walk towards him. Sometimes we begin but are held back by the fear of letting go. We need faith and trust to keep going in our journey towards the Lord.

Father Johnson is returning to London this weekend but will immediately begin his 14 day self-isolation. We look forward to seeing him in the parish in two weeks' time.
Face coverings will be mandatory in Places of Worship from Saturday 8 August 2020. All those who are attending churches must wear a face covering unless they are exempt from doing so. This is for the good of all who gather in the church, either for Mass, private prayer or other rites. The church is an enclosed public space where there are people from different households gathering. Priests in the sanctuary (providing they are sufficiently distant from the congregation) do not need to wear a face covering except for the distribution of Holy Communion.
The evening Mass on weekdays will resume on Tuesday 1 September. Thank you for your patience!

Please remember that you MUST cleanse your hands on the way in to church - either with our hand sanitiser or your own. It is the most basic and effective thing we can do in looking after each other's health. No exceptions please.

This week the office is closed to callers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  You can send an email at any time. Please ring during the hours of 10 am – 2 pm on Thursday and Friday. A gentle reminder, please, that the office and presbytery are closed to visitors - no additional meetings at the current time apart from urgent/essential business. Thank you.

Please let the office know if you have decided to no longer use planned giving envelopes to make your offering to the church so we can remove them from the system.  If you are interested in using online methods, please enquire at the office, or look at the website.  Thank you all very much.