The Bernadette Club is a regular get together for the members of the Parish, held in the Parish Hall. It’s open to everyone, but is particularly suitable for older parishioners. It offers a chance to get out, to meet people and to play cards, quizzes, board game and, of course, bingo (no rude guesses as to the identity of the ‘two fat ladies’ please!). If your luck is in with the bingo, then flatter Lady Luck further with a flutter in the raffle. Refreshments are served and if you need help in getting here it can be provided. Not only that, we have a couple of outings each year in the spring and the summer. It changes, but recently we went for a day of lunch, tea and music hall, and a boat trip down the river to see some beautiful gardens.

There are over 60 members of the Bernadette Club and normally 30-40 present at each meeting. It costs a measly £1 per person and we look forward to seeing you.

When: 2pm-4pm on the first Friday of the month.

Where: Parish Hall.

Contact: the parish office or simply turn up.