Despite the heat, Fr David completed the course, running the 2018 London Marathon in aid of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can still support him here.


Fr David is running the London Marathon on Sunday 22 April in aid of Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can support him here. And if you take any photos of him running, send them to us and we'll put them up on the website!

Due to the critical situation in the local area, public Masses have been suspended at Our Lady of Lourdes Church and nearby parishes in the deanery until further notice. Masses will be broadcast on the live-feed here (and by telephone on Saturdays). We had hoped to continue with our recent plan in place but events in the Enfield area have overtaken our plans. Please note that after consultations within the deanery, and also with Fr David and Bishop Sherrington, the parishes in Cockfosters, Palmers Green, Potters Bar and Enfield Town have also made the same decision. We are extremely grateful to our volunteers who have worked so hard and generously to allow us to keep going for such a long time. We hope that this suspension will be short and we will work with others in the borough and deanery to reopen as soon as we can. Please spread the word to others. Whether you can watch online, hear Mass on the telephone, or join us spiritually, the most important thing is to pray at home and stay safe. Our funerals will continue unaffected. The online Mass times will be as follows:

Monday-Friday 12pm (English); 7pm (Malayalam)
Saturday Vigil 6pm (English); 7pm (Malayalam)
Sunday 10am (English)

The church is closed and confessions will resume after the suspension. God bless you all and please stay safe.

Please see the important notice on this website regarding the suspension of public Masses in the parishes of New Southgate, Cockfosters, Palmers Green, Potters Bar and Enfield Town. Please join us online if possible. Mass times will be: Monday-Friday 12pm; Saturdays 6pm; Sundays 10am.

This week we returned to ordinary time in the Church's calendar. However, the light which comes from Christmas and the Epiphany continues to illumine both our journey through the liturgical year as well as our journeys through life. Today we hear again of the revelation that Jesus, the Christ, is the Lord who calls us. Just as Jesus, the Word-made-Flesh, called his disciples to follow him, he also calls us to rise up and follow in the path of salvation. Ultimately, it is Christ's own prayer which says to his Father, 'Here I am, Lord, I come to do your will'. We too can imitate him in this way of radical obedience that leads, through the cross, to the glory of the resurrection. Next weekend, the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, is given over by Pope Francis to special reflection on the Word of God - the same Word that was made flesh at Christmas and which shows us, even today, the way of life.

Today is the Feast of the Lord's Baptism. This event at the River Jordan is a kind of Epiphany when there was a revelation of God's love at the beginning of Jesus' ministry. The voice of Father is heard and the Spirit is seen when Jesus is anointed as the Christ of God. God is love and his overwhelming love for each of us is revealed in the mystery of Christ, the Word-made-flesh and the Saviour of the world.


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