Despite the heat, Fr David completed the course, running the 2018 London Marathon in aid of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can still support him here.


Fr David is running the London Marathon on Sunday 22 April in aid of Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can support him here. And if you take any photos of him running, send them to us and we'll put them up on the website!

In today's Gospel we hear about the feeding of the five thousand. This miracle of Jesus reminds us how God fed his pilgrim people with manna during their long journey through the wilderness towards the Promised Land. Today, in faith, we too come to be fed with the Bread of Heaven that the Lord gives to his pilgrim Church as we journey towards our heavenly homeland. We hope and pray that one day we will be gathered together again in God's kingdom at the supper of the Lamb. May the Bread of the Eucharist never be lacking again from the tables of our existence!

Today in the Gospel we hear the story about Jesus who walks on the water. The Gospel tell us that Peter began to walk towards the Lord but started to sink when fear took hold of him. There is a reflection here for each of us. Jesus invites us all to step out and walk towards him. Sometimes we begin but are held back by the fear of letting go. We need faith and trust to keep going in our journey towards the Lord.

Today we hear how King Solomon didn't seek power for himself but simply asked the Lord for a discerning heart. For all of us who have the precious responsibility of loving and caring for others, this is a great example. It takes a generous and discerning heart to understand what is genuinely best for those entrusted to our care, rather than following the self-serving path of worldly 'logic' . Similarly in the Gospel, Jesus speaks of the wise judgement and decisive actions required in finding the great treasure in life - the 'pearl of great price'. As we think about these lessons, let us ask God for the humility to choose what is best for others first, and in doing so unlock that selfless treasure which really makes life worth living.


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