Despite the heat, Fr David completed the course, running the 2018 London Marathon in aid of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can still support him here.


Fr David is running the London Marathon on Sunday 22 April in aid of Catholic Children's Society (Westminster). You can support him here. And if you take any photos of him running, send them to us and we'll put them up on the website!


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Congratulations to our first group of young people who celebrated their Confirmation on Friday evening. Please keep them in your prayers, and those who will be Confirmed over the next two weeks. Please also pray for the children receiving their First Holy Communions at this time. This weekend Carlo Acutis will be beatified in Assisi on Saturday 10th October. Carlo was born in London in 1991 and baptised in Fulham, and then his family settled in Milan. He was a young man of great faith who was devoted to the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When he was diagnosed with leukaemia he offered his suffering for Pope Benedict and the sake of the Universal Church. He died in 2006  aged 15, and the Church quickly recognised his heroic virtue. Please look out for him on the internet and media. More importantly, let us ask for his intercession for our parish and all our young people in their own journeys of faith. We’re all called to be saints!

TRACK & TRACE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR QR every time you come to Mass.


Everybody is reminded of these essential procedures:  
HANDS (use the hand sanitiser on the way in and out of church)
FACE (wear the face covering – it should be fitted properly over mouth and nose)
SPACE (observe social distancing everywhere, including inside and outside church)
If you have any kind of symptoms (e.g. cough), even if the symptoms appear to be unrelated to the virus, you must not come to church. If you are at risk or very old you should think carefully about whether it is wise to come to church. Please also think about how you can safely get to and from church. Please also bear in mind the following:
1. If you have been to Mass during the week, there is no need to come back on Sunday. We need the places, especially at the 12pm Sunday Mass. The 9am Sunday Mass tends to be the most quiet. If you are late for Mass, you may be turned away if the church is at capacity.
2. We must socially distance inside the church. Individuals, couples or households can only sit where there is a green tick. No standing in the porch or sitting on the window sills at the back. The stewards will be asked to supervise this.
3. Please keep your distance during the Communion procession and don’t pass through the benches from the side aisles to the middle. Please go around the back.
4. When Mass is over please don’t linger or gather. The rule of six applies. At weekends, we are now asking parishioners not return to the church after Mass - we need more time for cleaning.
5. Please direct enquiries to the parish through the phone or email during office hours—not to the sacristy or at the back of church.
6. Please respectfully follow the instructions of the stewards. You must sanitise your hands on the way in - either with our sanitiser or your own—but it must be as you enter. Please don't say you did it in the car, or at home, or that you don't believe in it!
Thank you for your continued cooperation, patience and cheerful spirit. Keep safe!

In the parable of the wicked tenants, Jesus reflects prophetically on his own future and the coming fulfilment of his Paschal Mystery - that the stone rejected by the builders will indeed prove to be the keystone. Jesus is the cornerstone of God's building; he is the vine and his Father is the vinedresser; Jesus is the true key to life and salvation. The parable also reminds us of the precious responsibilities we all bear in caring for and protecting that which has been entrusted to us. This week, the new encyclical of Pope Francis will be published. Entitled 'Fratelli Tutti', the encyclical is a message for all brothers and sisters of good will. Among many themes, it will focus on human solidarity and the care we have for each other in the pandemic and post-pandemic world.


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