Since last Monday, our church has been open for prayer every day from 12 noon till 2pm. This will continue in the coming week. We are all so pleased that this has been possible. Thank you for the thoughtful conduct and cooperation of everyone who has visited the church, and thank you to those who have kindly volunteered to supervise and clean the church. The whole operation has only been possible by the generosity and patience of all involved. May God bless you all.

Today we keep the great solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). We send you every blessing and good wish for this feast of the Holy Eucharist. We celebrate the real presence of Christ who feeds us with his own self and invites us to draw near to his saving death on the cross. As St Paul says, 'Every time you eat this bread and drink this cup you are proclaiming the death of the Lord until he comes.'

Today is the Feast of Pentecost and the final day of the Easter season. In fact, Pentecost or Whit Sunday is also a great feast in its own right. Today we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit into the life of the Church and how that power enables us to preach the Gospel everywhere. Today is sometimes known as the ‘birthday of the Church’ because it marks the transition from the time of Jesus’s earthly mission to the age of the Church and the presence of Christ throughout time and history. The Holy Spirit brings everything that the Church needs, and we can all share in the gifts that the Spirit bestows by our participation in the life of the Church. To each of us, the Spirit brings gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. As we celebrate this great feast of the Church’s life, let us also remember in prayer all our young parishioners who were preparing to celebrate their Confirmation this May. We look forward to seeing them again soon and celebrating their Confirmation at a rearranged time.

Today is the solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. Next Sunday we will celebrate the solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).

Last Thursday we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension, forty days after Easter. We are now in the time of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost, when we are invited to join the first disciples spiritually who looked for the outpouring of the promised Holy Spirit. We too want to ask God the Holy Spirit to renew his gifts among us and empower us to really live our Christian witness. We will celebrate the great Feast of Pentecost next Sunday – the fiftieth and final day of Easter time. That date, sadly, reminds us that we have almost celebrated an entire season, Easter time, without the physical presence of the faithful at church. However, we are really strengthened and consoled by your prayers and spiritual presence, especially by those who are praying for the parish at home, and those who are able to join our celebrations and Holy Hours online or by telephone. Let us really ask the Holy Spirit to help us through this trial and to strengthen the gifts of faith and love that he brings to our lives.


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