Saturday 4:00pm Michael & Paddy Canavan RIP
Saturday 6:00pm Tom O'Connor 'A'
Sunday 8:30am Philomen De Souza
Sunday 9:45am Phil De Souza 'A'
Sunday 11:15am
Conk Fernandes 'A'
Sunday 12:30pm Daniel O'Malley RIP
Day: Time: Intentions:
Monday 8:00am Marie Guthrie RIP
Monday 10:00am George Raymond Rodrigues 'A'
Tuesday 8:00am James McNulty RIP
Tuesday 10:00am
Bartholomew Sheehan 'A'
Wednesday 8:00am Ramnik Doshi RIP
Wednesday 10:00am Ian Russell RIP
Wednesday 10:25am Advent talk by Rev. Ruth Moriarty
Thursday 8:00am
Christine Davey RIP
Thursday 10:00am (with primary school)
Fr Tom Egan 'Ints'
Friday 8:00am Lyndsey Davey RIP
Friday 10:00am George Fernandes 'A'
Next Weekend    
Saturday 4:00pm Martin Goonan RIP
Saturday 6:00pm John Keane RIP
Sunday 8:30am Joe & Maria Ward 'A'
Sunday 9:45am Thea & Elly Bedeaux 'A'
Sunday 11:15am
Luisa Gioberti RIP
Sunday 12:30pm James & Samdai Dookie 'A'
Parish Office
Days: Time: Location:
Mon-Fri 10:00am - 1:30pm Parish Office
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Day: Time: Location:
Fri After 10:00 am mass Church
Stations of the Cross
Days: Time: Location:
Friday After 10:00am mass Please listen for announcements Church
Day: Time: Location:
Mon-Fri 9:30 am Church
Day: Time: Location:
Saturday 3:00 pm Church
Feast Days
Day: Saint:  
Wednesday St Nicholas, Bishop  
Thursday St Ambrose, Bishop, Doctor  
Friday Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary