Saturday 4:00pm Dan O'Connor RIP
Saturday 5:00pm Pauline Cribbons RIP
Saturday 6:00pm Bridie Duffy RIP
Sunday 8:00am Rosalia & Angelo Maltese A
Sunday 9:00am Lily Coutinho   A
Sunday 10:00am Shirley Fenwick RIP
Sunday 11:00am Denis & Adina Lehane RIP
Sunday 12:00 noon Elena Ferdenzi A
Day: Time: Intentions:
Monday 12:00 noon Procedes Collico A
Monday 6:00pm  
Tuesday 12:00 noon Cecily Chellappah A
Tuesday 6:00pm  
Wednesday 12:00 noon Regan Family RIP
Wednesday 6:00pm  
Thursday 12:00 noon Desmond Rowley RIP
Thursday 6:00pm  
Friday 12:00 noon Maria Fernandes
Friday 6:00pm  
Next Weekend    
Saturday 4:00pm Kelvin Ramnarine A
Saturday 5:00pm Sonny Sheehan A
Saturday 6:00pm Martin Fenning A
Sunday 8:00am Neil Bonnar & Maggie Gannon-Sutton A
Sunday 9:00am Eleanor Donohoe A
Sunday 10:00am Bill Byrne A
Sunday 11:00am Michael Boles RIP
Sunday 12:00 noon Rosemary Cremona RIP
Parish Office
Days: Time: Location:
Mon-Fri We are monitoring and replying to emails and phone calls but the office is not open for visitors.
Parish Hall.
Mothers Prayers
Day: Time: Location:
Wednesday 8:00pm - suspended Small Hall
Exposition and Devotions
Days: Time: Location:
Monday to Wednesday 6:45am-7:45am - suspended Church
Rosary for Persecuted Christians
Day: Time: Location:
Sunday After 8:30am and 9:45am masses - suspended Church in front of tabernacle
Day: Time: Location:
Saturday 2:00pm Church
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Day: Time: Location:
Friday after 10am Mass - suspended Church
Feast Days
Day: Saint: