Saturday Vigil 4:00 pm Elena Ferdenzi 'A'
Saturday Vigil 6:00 pm Abina & Denis Lehane 'A'
Sunday 8:45 am Giuseppe Castaldo 'A'
Sunday 10:00 am Kathleen Maher 'A'
Sunday 11:15 am
'Conk' Coutinho RIP
Sunday 12:30 pm Deirdre O'Connor-Lloyd 'A'
Day: Time: Intentions:
Monday 8:00 am Michael Forkan 'A'
Monday 10:00 am Patricia Sear 'A'
Tuesday 8:00 am Sammy Burchill RIP
Tuesday 10:00 am Funeral of Dominic Fernandes RIP
Wednesday 8:00 am Hugh Prior 'Ints'
Wednesday 10:00 am Caetano & Clotildes Da Silva 'A'; Manuel & Geraldine De Souza 'A'
Ascension Thursday 8:00 am Liam Larkiin RIP
Ascension Thursday 10:00 am Funeral of Rupert Rasanayagam RIP
Ascension Thursday 7:30 pm Assuntina Pinagli RIP
Friday 8:00 am Joan Cody RIP
Friday 10:00 am Theresa Tang RIP
Next Weekend    
Saturday Vigil 4:00 pm Brigid Nugent RIP
Saturday Vigil 6:00 pm Sue & Des McManus 'Ints'
Sunday 8:45 am Seamus & Tessie & Family RIP
Sunday 10:00 am Reg Webb 'A'
Sunday 11:15 am
Michele Sordillo 'A'
Sunday 12:30 pm Protasiou Pinagli RIP
Parish Office
Days: Time: Location:
Mon-Fri 10am-1:30pm Parish Office
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed by the Rosary
Day: Time: Location:
Mon-Fri 7:00am Church
Stations of the Cross
Days: Time: Location:
Friday After 10:00am mass Church
Rosary for Persecuted Christians
Day: Time: Location:
Sunday After 10am mass Church in front of tabernacle
Day: Time: Location:
Saturday 3:00 pm Church
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Day: Time: Location:
Friday after 10am Mass Church
Feast Days
Day: Saint:  
Wednesday St Bede the Venerable  
Thursday Ascension of the Lord  
Friday St Augustine of Canterbury