Fr Tom Egan, Patrick Bolger, Greg Howard, Ray Landi, Felicity Brown, Gerard Barden, Melanie Gibbons, Kevin Keenan.

Fr Vincent Malone, Libby Biberian, Sean Carroll, Patrick Madigan, Edoardo Albert

Minutes of last Parish Council meeting
Minutes of the meeting of 24 September 2012 were signed as being correct by The Chair.

Matters Arising From Previous Meeting
·    Security
A quote has been received for the upgrading of the CCTV system. We are awaiting a response from a second company and third suggested by Patrick Madigan who we hope will also quote for the work. This is now urgent; since the last Parish Council meeting there has been another attempted break in (a window was smashed in the office).

·    Hi-Fi (Main Parish Hall)
Ray advised as far as he is aware the PA system via the ceiling the speakers in the hall is working – the old floor standing speakers are broken and the PA is activated from the storage cupboard.

The last Finance Committee meeting took place on 16 October and concentrated on the accounts to the end of September 2012. These show a balance of £294k compared with £234k at 30 September 2011. There has been a slight dip in offertory income but this is still holding up well despite the economic climate.

Father Tom has asked Chris Fanning to obtain quotes for replacement of the church boiler.

Scaffolding has been erected at the back of the church to deal with a cracked down pipe that is causing brickwork to become damp. Some bricks and pipe work are being replaced.

The security firm G4S have started collecting the cash that is to be banked from the office each week. The new system is working well. Father Tom expressed his thanks to Ray for organising the bank runs under the previous system over many years.

Methods of planned giving were discussed. Standing orders are the preferred method and an appeal will be organised in the New Year to encourage Parishioners to move to use Standing Orders rather than envelopes or giving cash in the plate.

Funding for new Mass Books has been signed off.

Gerard raised a matter in respect to how the diocese administers Priests' Pensions which may has resulted in a net fall in Father Tom's monthly income. The council agreed that Father Tom's salary should be adjusted to take this shortfall into account. Gerard will e-mail Brian Hunt to confirm the council's decision and ask him to investigate and make the necessary arrangements.

This Sunday 9 December marks the end of the Growing in Faith campaign. All parishioners will be asked to complete a card during mass to confirm their intentions. So far £140,000 has been pledged but this figure is some way short of the £330,000 target.

It is hoped this the 'final push' will provide the impetus to reach the target. Father Tom acknowledged the support of parishioners during the campaign in terms of practical help received and contributions made.

Prayer and Evangelisation
The Advent Programme has started. Preparations are now being made for the Lenten Programme which will include talks concentrating on the documents of the 2nd Vatican Council.

The winter edition of Compass has been published and contains details of planned events.

Our Lady of Lourdes will host an ecumenical Christmas service next Christmas (i.e. Christmas 2013) on behalf of Churches Together in New Southgate.

Parish Hall
A broken window fixing has been repaired

Floor polishing will take place during the Christmas holidays.

The photocopier has been repaired

Security grilles are required on the downstairs windows and there is a draughty window in the office that needs to be repaired/replaced. Quotes have been requested for this work.

The Christmas party for the parish team/volunteers will take place on Sunday 8 December.

The next Finance Committee meeting will take place on Monday 25 February and the next Parish Council meeting will be on Monday 4 March.

The parish AGM is being moved forward from its previous July slot and will take place on Sunday 28 April at 7:30pm.