Fr Tom Egan, Patrick Bolger, John Donnelly, Melanie Gibbons, Libby Biberian, Felicity Brown, Sean Carroll, Ray Landi, Gerard Barden, Kevin Keenan

Eduardo Albert, Patrick Madigan, John Wilson
Minutes of Last Meeting
Minutes of the meeting of 18 November 2013 were agreed and signed by the chair.

Pat Bolger presented the accounts for the year ending 31/12/13.  These show recurring income of £246, 409 compared with £252, 171 for the year ended 31/12/12. Net recurring income was £68,864 compared with £72,938 in the previous year and the overall the bank balance at 31/12/14 was £364,069 compared with £329,290 at 31/12/12.

Given the current economic climate these figures are encouraging but there is some major expenditure in the pipeline including the new CCTV system, roof repairs and replacement of the main church doors. With that in mind a planned giving appeal will take place at masses the weekend on 22/23 March. This will focus on appealing to those who currently make offerings via the loose plate to move to envelopes and standing orders and to encourage parishioners to Gift Aid their offerings.

The results of the appeal will be assessed and if unsuccessful it may be necessary to undertake a full planned giving appeal next year.

Prayer and Evangelisation
A series of talks is planned for lent. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place on the first three Sundays of lent.

Churches Together stations of the cross will take place on Saturday 5 April in Whetstone.
Felicity is standing down as ecumenical coordinator and will be replaced by Robin Soobrayen. Felicity asked that Robin be invited to future parish council meetings to report on ecumenical matters. Melanie has occasionally covered for Felicity in the past and has kindly offered to continue to cover for Robin if required.

Parish Support Network
The Knights of St Columba are contacting all who offered help in respect of the Parish Support Network. The offers of help exceed the need at the moment and the help available through the Network will need to be publicized in due course.

Parish Hall
A leak has been repaired along with the vandalized fence. A fault with the extractor fan has been identified and will need to be repaired.

A third quote for the upgrade of the CCTV system has been received and is the committee’s preferred option. The cost is around £16,000 including VAT. Gerard will get back to the company and will e-mail confirmation to the diocese.

Any Other Business
Patrick Bolger will contact Jane to advise her of the date for the gift aid appeal (22/23 March) so that it can be publicized in the newsletter in advance. He will also arrange for speakers at masses and for volunteers to hand out and collect cards.

The Parish AGM will take place on 27 April at 7:30.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on 7 July.