Fr Tom Egan, Eddie Albert, Ramon Landi, Deacon Vincent Malone, John Wilson, Gerard Barden, Celia Webb, David Clark, Gregory Howard, John Donnelly and Sean Carroll.

Fr Kevin Moule, Brian Hunt, Pat Bolger, Jackie Reddington, Marianne Ahearne, Clyde Webb and Anuli Igboaka.

The meeting started with a prayer. 

The minutes were signed as accurate.


FAIR TRADE STALL.  Eddie has still to write to Michael but will do so as soon as he can.

GIFT AID.  We have received £1,500 in GA on donations received for the bench appeal but this does not feature on the accounts to June.

Summary to June 2009 handed out at meeting.

Comparing June 09 with June 08:

a)    Assessable income has dropped by £3,000

b)    Easter/Christmas stipends and fees is down because Christmas was paid in Jan 08 and Dec 08.

c)    WDF assessment has gone down from 32% to 29% - a drop of £5,000.

d)    We have spent about £5,000 less on repairs and renewals.

Therefore our net recurring income is the same as this time last year.

The amount in the bank has gone down because of the expense of the benches, but we are making that loss up at a steady rate.  We are increasing our bank balance at a rate of £1,000/week.

A Planned Giving campaign was put on hold due to the current financial situation.  We needed money a few years ago when the Hall was built, but it is not so urgent now.  The debt was paid off very quickly at the time.

There are some nice new galleries with more on the way.  Eddie is trying to get a collection of old FHC photos on the web.  Should we ask through the newsletter?

We are selling the current Diocesan booklet in the Paper Shop.

Fr. Tom and Fr. Kevin intend to hold talks on the Infancy Narrative during Advent and Luke’s Gospel in Lent.  There will be Sunday afternoon adoration in Advent as last year.

The Year of the Priest has started and prayer and rosary cards have been sent for disposal to the parish.  Apparently they flew of the shelf last weekend!  Vocations will be prayed for at the Friday morning Exposition and at Thursday evening’s rosary prayer group.

There is a new assistant headteacher – Richard Curry.  Fr Tom and Vincent visited this afternoon to discuss the format of school/children’s masses, according to directions issued by the Vatican.

During the year each class is shown round the church as they go through the school curriculum.

We are also visited by the children from Bowes Road School as part of their studies.

Vincent will be visiting the school on Tuesdays.

Fr. Kevin is taking over from Fr Tom as school governor.  There have been one of two other changes on the Governing body this term.

The school is currently applying for permission to add a nursery class.  The Diocese is happy but the Council think there is enough nursery provision in the borough.

Parish Buffet lunch on 4th October.

Ten Ten Production on 24th October.

Parish Hot Dinner on 14th February.

There is a coffee morning fund raiser for MacMillan nurses on Saturday 25th September.

There is to be a fund raiser in the school on October 17th for the family of Jack Kick, a teenage parishioner who needs long term care.  It was agreed that the Parish Hall would be made available if they wanted to hold other events for Jack.

SANCTUARY CARPET.  The sanctuary flooring is a mix of wood and stone and it is suggested that we work to restore this rather than covering it again.  Bob Dempsey will come and look at it for us.

HYMN BOOKS.  These will be ordered when the cages arrive, which should be in October.  They should be here in time for Christmas.

The tables were replaced incorrectly after the barbeque and caused an accident when next used.  It was suggested that a picture of them properly stacked should be put on display.

Tiles have come off the wall in the kitchen and have been replaced.  The steam from the kettles was probably to blame.  The door of the cupboard under the kitchen sink is broken.  The urn lead failed the H&S test, but has been replaced.

Lights are regularly being left on over night.  Users should be notified.

A letter has been received from the Bernadette Club asking if the Parish can do something about the tables.  They are finding them too heavy to lift, especially out of the trolleys.  It would be impractical for other Hall users for more tables to be left out around the walls, as two currently are, and employing a caretaker is not feasible, so it was suggested that smaller, lighter tables be purchased.  Ramon has been looking into this and has ordered a sample table, which the BC can come and look at.

It was suggested that we purchase half a dozen and maybe take some of the heavier tables upstairs, getting rid of those in the upstairs office.  This would help create room for the new ones in the Hall.  It was not suggested that we restrict use of the smaller tables, although if there are enough able bodied people in the Hall it is assumed that most groups would continue to use the bigger ones.

CLOAKROOM.  A broken table tennis board has been left in here.  Can we get rid of it?  Have a word with the Youth Club.

Our First Communion courses (for children in year three, and those attending non Catholic schools) have already begun, as has the RCIA course.  Dates have been set for the Advent Anointing the Sick and Penitential services.

Children on the NCS programme cover a wide range of ages and religious knowledge.

Confirmation application forms will be going out soon.  Ten Ten will be helping with the course this year.

We welcome Deacon Vincent Malone, who will be assisting Fr Tom and Fr Kevin for a year.

There have been some changes in our Deanery: Fr Sean Carroll has left Edmonton (for Stroud Green), which is now being run by an African Order, there is a Polish priest at Enfield, a seminarian at Palmers Green and Fr Jim Byrne has gone to Bow.

Christmas Party is on 12th December.  Make sure all volunteers have invitation.


EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS.  There used to be a regular gathering of ministers to ensure that they all carried out the same duties.  A Day of Recollection would be most welcome, with some training included.  Maybe a talk followed by exposition?  It was suggested that something could be put in place for Advent.  Readers would probably welcome something similar.  Newcomers need a bit of training.

HEALTH AND SAFETY.  Precision were here today doing a very thorough survey of the site.  We did OK, largely because the Hall was built recently and conforms to current standards.  A couple of volunteers are needed to go through the report and adjust the very minor recommendations that have been made.

-    special bolt on back gate that can be opened in an emergency, but still gives security at other times.
-    Redo white/yellow lines.
-    Cabinet for votive candles in old sacristy, remove flammable substances from flower cupboard.
-    First Aid kit in Hall kitchen is out of date.

A recent survey of electrical appliances has been checked and all failed items have been corrected.

ROOF TILES.  Some have been slipping – ask Chris Fanning to have a look at it.

NOTICE BOARD OUTSIDE CHURCH.  This is looking a bit shabby.  Would like to replace it with something aluminium /metal with internal light.  Fr Kevin has some details.  Cost about £1,200.

Important to keep encouraging vocations.  Our prayer groups are praying for them (see above).

Create a history trail from Fr. Sunn.  Remember priests who have served here in the past.  Hold a Mass of Thanksgiving and invite them all?

Give the people an idea of the range of work a priest carries out outside Mass.

CHILD PROTECTION.  Nicky hasn’t found anyone to hand over to, but is happy to carry on for the moment.  There was a meeting between our team and Peter Turner of the Diocese to update them on new protocols.  

There are still problems getting everyone to complete the forms – Peter Turner now has their details.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Monday 9th November at 8.15 pm.