Fr. Tom Egan, Fr. Damian Cassidy, Eddie Albert, Pat Bolger, Cecilia Webb, John Donnelly, Ramon Landi, Joe Sutton, Jane Landi, Frank Nolan, Brian Hunt, Tina Bolger, Hilary Carrasco, David Clarke and Mary McMullan

Marianne Ahearne and Clyde Webb.

Norah Curtin

The meeting started with a prayer.

Minutes were agreed and signed as correct.


This has been seen by a representative of Servite Houses, and has been sorted out.  

It was decided at the AGM that we would get a brass plaque placed around the plinth, after advice from Phil, the stone mason, who was thanked by the Council for his work so far.

Figures between Dec 05 and June 07 were assessed.  Offertory for this year is down on last year, although the loose plate has gone up.  It is not easy to assess month on month as some payments are made in different time periods in different years.

Recurring income has gone down.

Outgoings:  To June 07 spending has increased by £10,000, this is mostly due to the Diocesan Assessment, which has increased by £13,000 over the six months to June 07.

This year’s tax refund was down by about £2,000 – there is a correlation between the planned giving income and the amount of refund that we get.

Legacies were down on last year.  Third party payments to charities vary because they are paid in different periods.

At December 05 the bank account was -£21,000, by June 07 it was £106,000.  This money is to be spent on important building and repair projects, as prioritised by the Finance Committee.

Eg. hall painting, new church roof, sanctuary carpet.  Chris Fanning has organised two quotes for the roof and is waiting for our decision.  One is £20,000, the other is £40,000.  His advice is to replace the whole roof as piecemeal repairs might never find the root of the problem.  To spend this much money we need to get permission from the Diocese’s financial secretary.

It was felt that we should mention specific items when asking the parishioners for fundraising.


There is a development site on the web.  Eddie and Marco are putting in content and links and hope to have a functioning site by the end of the month.  Items like the newsletter can be added directly by the office staff, rather than via email to Eddie.

There is one more payment to go, but the figures weren’t available to the meeting.

We should be able to use the website to promote local events, links to parish and other groups, give information about the Parish Council etc.  It is a particularly sophisticated website, and should be adaptable for years to come, which is why it was so expensive.

Extra costs – there will be an annual payment for hosting fees.

At the AGM it was decided that we would try exposition on a Sunday afternoon between 1.15 and 6.30 pm in line with the Cardinal and the Pope’s recent comments.  It is imperative that there is always someone in the church – so this needs to be put across to the parishioners – if they want exposition, they must support it.  We need to promote the idea through homilies and other promotions.  It was decided that we would build up to starting in the Advent season.

As the team has disbanded it was agreed that this section would be removed from the Agenda.

Fr. Mark is the new vicar at St. Paul’s.

The next meeting of Churches Together will be next week.  The winter shelter went well last year and will be held again this year.

Tenten Productions are presenting their play, Kolbe’s Gift, in the Parish Hall on 21st September.  Proceeds will be shared with the company.  We were a last minute addition to the timetable so we are not being charged as other venues are.  Tickets are going well with one weekend to go.

There is a concert due for 13th October, but this date might change.  It will involve Nigel, the two choirs and some orchestral input.

The Christmas Draw will be combined with a draw to take place at the Parish Dinner Dance in February.

The DD has been arranged at Penridge for 9th February.  Tickets will be £40 each, which includes the meal, a drink and the band.  We will be celebrating our 85th anniversary as well as 150 years since the apparition at Lourdes. Cecilia is writing to various companies for some top draw prizes – Pat B will need to know what’s on offer before he orders our raffle tickets.  The idea would be to sell tickets for both raffle and dance before Christmas.  There would be a limit of around 200.  When selling the tickets we should specify what we are fundraising for.  We should start promoting the dance/selling the tickets at the end of October.   It was decided that we wouldn’t invite “honoured guests”.

A fund raising committee of Patrick, Fr. Damian, Marianne and Cecilia will meet before the end of October.

A letter was received by the chairman asking for clarification concerning the rules for private hiring of the Hall.   Why can’t parishioners, who have helped to build the hall, be able to use the hall?  The Council was reminded that various events have led to the rules being changed as users have ignored the regulations that they have agreed to beforehand.  This includes: excess noise, not leaving on time, leaving the hall and toilets untidy and dirty, arguing with other car users in the car park.  Sometimes it is not worth the hassle that it causes.  There is no great need for us to let the Hall financially.

It was agreed that parishioners do have an interest in the Hall.

All Hall users need to understand the difference between the Hall and a Function Room.  If they want to hold a private party there are other places – the parish centre is part of the priest’s home and must be quiet on a Saturday night.

It should be made clear to the letter writer that the Hall has not been put out of use – it’s just that the rules have been tightened up.  The hall is available to use, subject to our conditions: closing time must be respected, hall should be left tidy, chairs and tables should be returned as specified.  Car park must be used (and shared) sensitively.  Deposits should be taken and returned under tighter conditions.  Closing times particularly should be attended to.

A Fire Assessment has recently taken place throughout both church and hall, following Diocesan guidelines.  The Hall was praised as one of the cleanest ever seen!!

There is a Deanery meeting tomorrow.

There are plans to introduce more symbols into the Liturgy – presentation of the Gospel Books at the sung masses, larger hosts for the priests to use.

We will be signing Secondary school forms at the end of October – we need to help those who are really part of this community – we are noting those who have submitted a census form in the last six months and we ask for a greater commitment from those who come to us for baptism for children who are over 3 ½ years old.

We try and watch out for those who are playing the game, but we need to know that all priests in the area are in agreement, it wont work if people can go to other parishes and get their forms signed.


The police checks for CRB forms have nearly all been done.

Next Parish Council will be on November 19th.