Ten Ten Theatre invites parishioners to attend an open dress rehearsal of a play that they are currently producing for secondary schools, on Friday 26th October at 7 pm in the Parish Hall.  ‘Babies’ deals with teenage pregnancy, abortion, parenthood, relationships, marriage and family life.  This play is suitable for people aged 14+.  All are welcome.

(Year 10+)

"I'll support you, Annie. Whatever you decide, I'll support you."

Annie is 17. She has the world at her feet. Then she discovers that she is unexpectedly pregnant.

Joe is 18. He says he’ll support Annie, whatever she decides to do. But what does he mean by that?

As Annie and Joe face their parents with the situation, they receive unexpected reactions, changing their lives and view of the world forever.

BABIES covers a wide range of themes dealing with teenage pregnancy, abortion, parenthood, relationships, marriage, family life, love and responsibility. It enables young people to understand delicate issues with their hearts and minds.