If you're unfamiliar with textspeak, that's 'Why faith?' not a word in Welsh. Here's the rest of the story:

The creators of a pioneering evangelistic website for children, www.yfaith.co.uk,  have high hopes that it will help support and form a new generation of confident, grass roots, faith-filled evangelisers.

The new site is designed to cater for 10 – 13 year olds who have questions to ask and want to learn more about their journey of faith. It features more than 20 interactive pages covering music and film, ‘Girls only’ and  ‘Boys only’ sections, book reviews, the Bible and a questions area. ‘

Emily Davis is one of the Yfaith creators and said: “We’ve called Yfaith ‘One Big Adventure’ because that’s precisely what it aims to provide. It covers the questions that children are asking: ‘Am I good enough? How can I be a good friend? What’s faith got to do with my life? What does the cross mean anyway?’ We have high hopes that the site will become a regular topic of playground conversation and help form a new generation of faith-filled and confident Catholic evangelists.”

Key to the site’s strategy is that it has been moulded, and in parts co-written (with adult help), by the target age group who’ve energetically given input and feedback every step of the way. The site showcases a wealth of talent from a pool of budding young writers.

James is aged 12 and attended a pre-launch children’s party. He said: “It’s easy to understand. The things they say you can really relate to whereas at Mass sometimes, it can be hard to understand.” Meanwhile, Mary, aged 12, said: “I think it is very good and interesting. It will appeal to people who aren’t Christians. It has pages about pets and things like that.”Yfaith is to be used primarily in the home to enable children, perhaps along with other family members, to express their faith in a creative way and help them to discover that they’re part of a vast faith community which has Jesus Christ has its focus. Complementing what children receive in Catholic schools, it is also hoped that through using the site children will be helped to become aware that they have a contribution to make to the world at large as Catholics.

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