Parish Fair Trade Stall 

On the 2nd or 3rd Sunday every month

Our Fair Trade Stall is in the hall after Saturday 6.30pm & Sunday morning

Masses every month except August on the second Sunday of the month (in June it’s on the third Sunday). Profits go to Cafod unless stated otherwise.

From April 2010 the dates are:

April 10th/11th

May 8th/9th

June 19th/20th

July 10th/11th

September 11th/12th

October 9th/10th

November 13th/14th

December 11th/12th

January 8th/9th 2011

February 12th/13th 2011

March 12th/13th 2011

We also plan to hold a smaller pre-Advent sale on November 27th/28th

Our best sellers will always be in stock and include these daily foods: coffees, teas, sugar, rice, pasta, honey, mueslis, marmalade, biscuits, cereal bars and dried fruit. We also have a large variety of chocolate bars and packs of sweets including Vanilla Fudge, Buttermints, and Burnt Sugar Fudge which usually sell out by noon. We also offer some non food items.

We have catalogues from our leading fair trade supplier, Traidcraft, from which parishioners have bought clothes and other attractive items via our stall - thus ensuring you pay no postage and the stallgives Cafod the profit.

The Fairtrade symbol certification guarantees that the farmers receive a fair and sustainable price for what they grow or make and that their employees are paid a living wage.

If you want more information or to volunteer to help run the stall after your regular Mass please ask any volunteer on the stall or contact Michael or Marian McGowan on 8888 1276 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..