Faith-sharing group. From 14 February at 8pm in the Upper Hall.

Bioethics from a Catholic Perspective

A chance for junior healthcare professionals and students (medics, pharmacists, nurses, etc, are welcome) to explore and discuss Catholic healthcare ethics! Each month a senior practitioner or other expert will be invited to give a 30-minute presentation, followed by discussion. The aim will be to understand the Church's teaching, and explore ways in which we can present it sympathetically to patients, colleagues and managers.

For the times of all Masses and Confessions over Christmas, see below the fold.

It's tonight! In the parish hall. If you do anything to help in the running of the parish we want to thank you - and one way of doing that is with tonight's Christmas party. So if you help, come along from 7.30pm onwards and eat us bare and drink us dry!

Don't forget, it's the Scout's Big Breakfast this Sunday morning. Bring your stomach and have it filled!