In today's Gospel Jesus praises his Father and then says, 'Come to me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.' During these long weeks of the health crisis, we have prayed every day before the Blessed Sacrament in our Holy Hours. Christ, our gentle Shepherd, has journeyed with us, close to us in our prayers and homes. We have had the opportunity to continually 'come to him' expressing our prayers, thoughts, feelings, joys and sorrows, and our anxieties. As we begin Masses again, our Holy Hours come to an end. Nevertheless, our prayers continue, and we pray for everyone who will participate at Mass here and for those who will remain at home. May we all find in the Heart of Jesus a place of refuge and peace. In the Heart of Christ we meet ourselves immersed in the love and mercy of God. May we continue to 'learn from him who is gentle and humble in heart.' Finally, tomorrow (Monday) is the memorial of St Maria Goretti, virgin and martyr.

We are looking forward to welcoming parishioners back to Mass at church - the church is a safe and welcoming place of prayer and worship, and we can all play our part in helping with the situation. Please see the important information on our website about the arrangements for coming to Mass this week. We are asking everyone to come to Mass once a week, on any day and at any Mass time. Please note, we are using the 1m+ social distancing rule to increase opportunities for people to come to Mass but this also means that everyone will be asked to wear a face covering or mask. We can review this and other arrangements after some time but we will be clear if and when the requirements changes. Please bring your own face cover or mask with you and take it away when you leave. Using a face cover is for the benefit of others - please help to keep everyone safe. Because different parishes in the deanery are working within different parameters, there may be different practices. Please follow the instructions in each parish.

Monday-Friday: 12 noon & 6pm
Saturday: 4pm, 5pm, 6pm
Sunday: 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12 noon

The church will remain open for private prayer for an hour after the midday Mass (Monday-Friday) but you will need to leave the church first and then re-enter when the Mass arrangements are concluded. Please note that there is no access to the shop or toilets yet.

Saturday 4th July 12 noon
Saturday 11th July 2 pm

Masses here will continue to be streamed live every day, at the times published above. From Saturday 11th July the telephone Mass will now be at 6pm (not 6.30pm) - we will let all the users of this service know. The daily message will continue to be put on the phone line (when possible) Tel. 020 8016 2207.

Many thanks for the contributions towards parish life that have continue to come in - as a parish, we are all most grateful. This includes planned giving, offerings, standing orders, and those who have used the Virgin Money Giving page.

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind wishes and kept in touch, either with us here or with other parishioners in the area during the restrictions. Thank you also to those who have brought us gifts, food and cakes!

The Parish Office is manned 10 am-2 pm on weekdays but you must telephone or email. Please do not ring the doorbell. The Parish Centre and Hall are still closed for now.