The Parish Team would like to wish a very happy Easter to all our parishioners, friends and neighbours – a special greeting goes to everyone from around the country (and the world!) who have been joining us online for Masses recently. May the peace and light of the Risen Jesus bring new hope and healing to our lives. We would also like to say a big thank you for all your love and friendship throughout the year but especially at this time of crisis. Thank you to everyone who has sent us cards and gifts, and who have helped us and other parishioners in this difficult time. The glorious light of Easter continues to break into our world, bringing all the blessings of heaven to help us. We also hope that the faith of Easter will bring strength to those who are ill, and consolation to those who have lost loved ones. We have missed you all here at church this Easter but we know you are not far away, either in distance or in prayer! May God bless us all and give us every help we need. With lots of love and best wishes from Fr David, Fr Andrew, Fr Johnson, Deacon Ian, Deacon David, and all our staff here at the parish.

Please don’t be tempted to go out this Easter. We are reaching a very critical time and it’s important to stay at home. Please don’t come to the church as it will sadly need to remain closed for a while longer. We can get through this together if we all follow the guidelines!

The Parish Office is effectively closed but of course our pastoral work continues. You can always call us, leave urgent messages on the voicemail or email. However, we will be closed on Easter Monday to everything but emergencies.

Please pray for those who have died recently, including John Secchi, Henry O’Neill, John Cavanna, Larry Andrews, Nora Goode, Eddie Johnston, and Joanne Miller. Please also pray for Monsignor Provost Frederick Miles, Canon Edward Matthews, Fr Bryan Jones, Fr John O’Halloran, and Fr John Helm – priests of the diocese who have died recently.