Lent can easily be reduced to 'the time when people give something up'. But there is a real richness to Lent in the Catholic tradition.

This is a time to turn to God.

Take the season of Lent to recommit or go deeper in your faith.

Challenge yourself this Lent. Chose some way to actively come closer to God as He reveals Himself to us in Jesus Christ.

Read from the Bible each day.
Give money or your time to the poor .
Pray the rosary or do the Stations of the Cross.
Visit the church during the week for some quiet time of prayer.
Attend Eucharistic Adoration on Sundays.

  • Whatever you do, make it a commitment from the heart. Offer it to Jesus and use it to understand more fully His great sacrifice for us, through His Passion and Death on the Cross.

  • (With thanks to St Patrick's, Soho ).