It's now 40 years since Pope Paul VI promulgated probably the single most vilified encyclical in history, Humanae Vitae, upholding the Church's teaching on the immorality of artificial contraception (as someone pointed out, isn't it strange that in a world where the natural is everywhere lauded, the one exception is natural family planning). The 40 years since, however, have served to show that the document, far from being reactionary, was in fact prophetic. We continue to reap the whirlwind of the sexual revolution in families ruined and lives squandered. To learn more about what the Church actually teaches, and why, the School of Evangelisation at St Patrick's Soho are holding a series of talks on Wednesday evenings. More information below the fold.

Due to the success of "Catholicism for the Curious" and "Theology of the Body", the School of Evangelisation will be hosting a third series of lectures this year, commencing on Wednesday 27th February at supper & welcome at 6.15pm with talk starting at 7pm.

A series of high profile talks to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the encyclical Humanae Vitae. These talks will present a life changing message for a lifestyle of chastity that brings freedom, respect, peace and romance without regret. The talks will seek to unpack and explain the Church’s teaching on the truth and meaning of human sexuality in a way that is challenging, entertaining, encouraging and healing. The speakers will cover an abundance of compelling and uplifting reasons for embracing the virtues of chastity.

The first talk will be on Wednesday 27th February and then most Wednesdays until June (see schedule below or download here). If you would like more information then please call 020 7437 2010.

Wednesday 27th February - Fr Anthony Doe
Call to Holiness & Communion with the Lord

Wednesday 12th March - Fr Stephen Langridge
Aids, Condoms and the Catholic Church

Wednesday 2nd April - Fr Tim Finigan
Humanae Vitae – A Challenge to the Culture

Wednesday 9th April - Fr Anthony Doe
The Gift of Life & Christian Discipleship

Wednesday 16th April - Edmund Adamus
The Genesis of Humanae Vitae – Memory & Healing

Wednesday 23rd April - Fr Richard Aladics
Building the Civilisation of Love in a Media-Driven World

Wednesday 30th April - Bishop Alan Hopes
Searching for Teaching Authority

Wednesday 14th May - Tommy Hughes
Theology of the Body in a Glasgow Secondary School

Wednesday 21st May - James Parker
Truths about Homosexuality & Contraception

Wednesday 28th May - Dr Jacqueline Laing
The Reproductive Revolution

Wednesday 4th June - Nicole Parker
A Practical Response: Natural Family Planning

Wednesday 11th June - Anne Hill
The Gift of Life as a Woman and a Mother

Wednesday 18th June - William Newton
Humanae Vitae & Contraception: Two Irreconcilable Concepts of the Human Person