Most of the prizes were claimed on the day but there are a few still to be collected. Please check the list below if you think you may have been lucky! 
If you have won the cake please let us know at the Parish Office - we will re-decorate with a new display of fresh fruit before you claim it.  Thank you.

TICKET                     PRIZE 

Blue 233                    Cake
White 156                  Baileys - claimed
Pink 232                    Spa Set - claimed
Pink 238                    Wine - claimed
Yellow 237                Shot glasses - claimed
Yellow 323                Wine
Blue 28                     Pot Pourri - claimed

A very big Thank You to everyone who supported this event – to those who made the cakes, those who helped sell them and especially to those who bought cakes and raffle tickets – a total of £650 was raised for Children with Visual Impairment.