Questions for the Modern Pentecost Person

Can you please tell me about growing up?

Did you grow up in a family where faith was important?

Is faith – Belief in God - important to you?

When did your faith become important for you?

Did something happen or was it something you grew into?
It sounds as if your faith matters to you.

Are you part of a Parish community? Do you have a particular role there?

I’m interested in how your faith affects your everyday life. We have been learning that what people believe affects how they live in the world. For example: some people might choose to buy certain things because of fair-trade; other people might choose not to watch certain things on TV because of their beliefs.

Can you describe some of the everyday things that you do because your faith tells you that you should?

Could you explain why these things are important for you to do?

How they link to your faith and what you believe?

Of all the things that Catholics believe is there one thing that you think impacts most on how you live your life?
Why is that particular belief important?
How does it lead to you living as you do? 

Sometimes it’s hard to live as you would like to all the time.
Are there things that challenge your faith and how you would like to live? 

You faith in God seems to have been a big part of your whole life.

Have there been any big decisions that you have made as a result of your faith? 

Sometimes we talk about ‘Walking with God’ – do you think your life has been walked with God?

Thank you.
One of the things we are learning about is whether people of different faiths think differently about specific issues.
So could I now ask you about what you think about education for young people?

1. What do you think is the role of education in today’s society?
2. Does religion have a place in education?

Does your faith give you any special insight into these questions?

What beliefs do you think link to this question? What particular beliefs help you form your view on this issue?