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Today is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, also known as Trinity Sunday. Today we celebrate the revelation of the one God as three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is a Trinity of love, and we are made in this same image and likeness. May the bonds of love we see in God be reflected in our own lives, binding us together as one.

This week, I accepted the invitation of Cardinal Nichols to become the new Vocations Director for the Priesthood in the diocese. The current director, Fr Stephen Wang, is moving to a new appointment in Rome. Thankfully, it does not mean a move for me but it does mean this significant responsibility will be added to my roles as Parish Priest, Dean, and Diocesan Coordinator of School Chaplaincies, so please be patient with me! Please also pray for our priests and seminarians, and for vocations to the priesthood. Have a good week and half-term, with every blessing.

The new enterprise of the local food bank has been most welcome. The growing need in our locality has been remarkable and we are pleased that we have been able to collaborate with our neighbours in responding. Thank you to everyone who has brought food since the beginning of Lent. A big thank you to members of our parish who have kindly stepped up as volunteers at St Paul's and to Fr Matt for coordinating. You can still bring items to our church. The food is now taken to St Paul's on Friday mornings, which is the same day the donations are taken from our primary school. There is a poster in the church porch about accessing the food bank. It is open at St Paul's CoE Church, Woodland Road, every Monday 3pm-4.45pm - no referral needed. However, the food bank is closed on Bank Holidays.

Since the lockdown, we have made some changes in the routine so that money operations are simpler and more secure for helpers. Counting will now take place on Monday mornings in the new counting room (old paper shop). The parish office will be contacting our counting volunteers to try to create a new rota. Ideally, 4 or more teams would be useful. Please contact the parish office if you are unsure or don't hear from us.

When our church reopened, the Mass times were adjusted for a number of reasons. The weekend Mass times were moved initially to provide 8 Masses because the church capacity was so reduced. These were later reduced to 6 because demand was less than expected. The timings also reflected that the amount of time we spent inside church was to be shortened and music was not permitted. Weekday Masses were moved to 12 noon because we needed the 10 am slot for Masses with a strictly limited number (mostly funerals which were for family members only).

Now that things are beginning to change, we find ourselves in a situation where many people have become accustomed to the new routine and find it convenient. Others are keen to return to the old. There have also been some surprises: the early 4pm Vigil Mass on Saturday, combined with a 6pm Vigil, have proved very popular. It would seem sensible to keep these. We will also need slots for two sung Masses on a Sunday which probably means Sunday mornings will look similar to before the epidemic.  It would be helpful if parishioners would like to write in with thoughts and reflections on Mass times. It would be nice to hear what you feel has worked given the difficulty of the situation, and what might be useful going forward. A certain generosity of spirit and maturity of reflection would be helpful, rather than demands or complaints.

Finally, this is not a kind of referendum producing 'winners' and 'losers'. I will make the decision based on what we have learned and heard, after consulting the plans of other parishes. We may end up with a sort of 'hybrid' of the old and new, but my mind and my heart are open! If you would like to write, please do so on paper (not email), including your name and number, and send to me at the parish office. Thank you for your patience and your prayers!  Fr David.

The Communion Masses for candidates will resume on Sunday 13th & 20th June.

Mass is at 12 noon, after which the church will close.  Please note that the Parish Office is not open on Monday.

The school currently has spaces in Reception for September 2021.  If you are interested, please contact the school by telephone on: 020 8361 0767 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For more information: www.ololschool.enfield.sch.uk.
There is a selection of cards on the table at the back of the church, including for First Communion and Confirmation, together with some candles and statuary.  Please place the money in the bucket.  If you prefer, you could pay by bank transfer—please mark it “paper shop”.  Our account details are WRCDT O/L of Lourdes, New Southgate, Sort Code: 40-05-20, Account No: 51094483.  Thank you.