Scaffolding around the churchYou may have noticed that the Church is shrouded in scaffolding at the moment.  Some of the more observant of you may also have noticed that the interior is covered in dust.  This is because we are having the roof done!

For some time now we have had problems with rain water getting into the church and there have been several attempts at piece-meal repair, but it was recently decided, in consultation with the Diocesan Surveyor, Mr. Chris Fanning, that this was getting us nowhere, so the whole roof must be replaced.

We've just put up a new gallery with some photos of the Saturday Club . In the near future there should be further galleries of Bernadette Club events and a gallery of pictures of the parish in the past. And if you have an event or an image that you'd like put on the website, then you know what you have to do .
If you look at the Mass times page you'll see that we now include details of the Mass intentions for the week.

Can you figure out which culture Archbishop Chaput is talking about in this speech?

This society is advanced in the sciences and the arts. It has a complex economy and a strong military. It includes many different religions, although religion tends to be a private affair or a matter of civic ceremony.

This particular society also has big problems. Among them is that fertility rates remain below replacement levels. There aren't enough children being born to replenish the current adult population and to do the work needed to keep society going. The government offers incentives to encourage people to have more babies. But nothing seems to work.

Promiscuity is common and accepted. So are bisexuality and homosexuality. So is prostitution. Birth control and abortion are legal, widely practiced, and justified by society's leading intellectual.

Find out if you're right . H/T the Insight Press blog.

ImageThursday is All Saints' Day and a Holy Day of Obligation - which means we're meant to go to Mass. There are services at Our Lady at 8am, 10am and 7.30pm.

Friday is All Souls' and, while not a Day of Obligation, many people want to pray for their dead. There are Masses at 8am, 10am and 7.30pm.

The churches in central London all say Masses through the day, with services particularly concentrated around lunch time and in the early evening, so finding a service you can attend should not really be a problem.


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