Thinking of taking the children to see 'The Golden Compass ' over the holidays? Might be worth knowing what you'll be seeing first (I've read the books and I won't be going to the cinema). Here's Amy Welborn on the subject:

1. Pullman’s triliogy, in his own words is about “killing God.” And yes, God (the Authority, who is really a weak, decrepit, drooling powerless old man) dies.

2. In Pullman’s vision, authority - specifically religious authority, although he is saying all over the place that there’s no reason to think that he’s only talking about religion - is inimical to human freedom. Stands opposed to it.

3. In Pullman’s vision, human beings only find their true selves freed from the enslavement of religious authority. A reverse Garden of Eden scenario - very gnostic - is at the core of this.

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There was a wonderful turnout for Eucharistic Adoration last Sunday, with many people present throughout the afternoon and about 30 in church for Benediction. Thank you to everyone for coming and we look forward to seeing you, and others, next Sunday. Remember, you don't have to put your name down on the list, simply come for as long a time as you wish.

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Pope Benedict's new encyclical, Spe Salvi (which means 'in hope we were saved') has just been published. It follows on from his first letter to the Church, Deus Caritas Est , which dealt with love, by considering the theological virtue of hope. Care to take a bet that the next one might be about faith? Christopher Howse writes :

A colleague, staring at the Pope's latest encyclical, remarked, "There's no news here. It's all about God." He was right, after a fashion, for the document, the second encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI since his election two and a half years ago, is about hope and salvation. Its title, Spe Salvi, is from a phrase in St Paul's Epistle to the Romans, "In hope we were saved."

Please note there will be no 8am Mass tomorrow, Tuesday 27 November. Sorry for the short notice.


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