Still nothing for those younger than 20 weeks, but hopefully this shows that things are changing.

Britain will become the "abortion capital of the world" in the next decade, according to prolife campaigners. They say our termination rate is already higher than any other western European country.

If the current trend continues, Britain is on course to overtake the U.S. and Australia as the place where the greatest proportion of pregnancies are terminated.

Nadine Dorries MP is leading calls for a cut in the upper time limit for so-called "social" abortions from 24 weeks to 20.

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Pope Benedict has been in America the last few days, on a visit that may well have a lasting impact both on the church there and in the wider world. For complete coverage of what he said (and everything the pope says and writes repays careful study and thought) there's no better place than Christopher Blosser's Benedict in America site.

...who make a mess of things, as this video shows.

Aid to the Church in Need goes to places we really rather wouldn't go and helps people who no one else will succour all over the world. The organisation was founded by Fr Werenfried van Straaten, who died in 2003. This is a short film about his life and work.

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