The minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 28 January 2008 have been uploaded .

Your Lord needs you! All right, not strictly speaking accurate, theologically speaking, but we do need some people to put their names down for the vacant time slots of Eucharistic Adoration this Sunday 2 March. Many people have chosen to make time spent in the Lord's presence part of their Easter preparation this Lent but, possibly because it's Mothering Sunday, we need the following time slots filled if Eucharistic Adoration is to take place: 2-2.30pm; 2.30-3pm; 3-3.30pm. If you can, please put your name down on the schedule in the church porch.

Are you aged between 20 and 40 and want to meet other Catholics from London and around the country?

Then have a look at the Project 2030 website at

According to the website, “Project2030 aims to bring young Catholics together to meet and develop friendships with fellow Catholics around the UK and Ireland through various social and faith activities with groups in and around Dublin, Glasgow, North-West England, London and other places.

It's now 40 years since Pope Paul VI promulgated probably the single most vilified encyclical in history, Humanae Vitae, upholding the Church's teaching on the immorality of artificial contraception (as someone pointed out, isn't it strange that in a world where the natural is everywhere lauded, the one exception is natural family planning). The 40 years since, however, have served to show that the document, far from being reactionary, was in fact prophetic. We continue to reap the whirlwind of the sexual revolution in families ruined and lives squandered. To learn more about what the Church actually teaches, and why, the School of Evangelisation at St Patrick's Soho are holding a series of talks on Wednesday evenings. More information below the fold.

Mass in Albanian at St. Paul's Church, Bradley Road, Wood Green, at 1.30 pm on Sunday 2nd March.


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