The minutes for the Parish Council meeting of 17 November 2008 are now up.
Don't forget, the first Advent talk on St Paul, given by Fr Tom, takes place at 7.30pm tonight in the parish hall.

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 8 September are now posted on the website.

The good people at St Michael's Catholic Grammar School (Nether Street, North Finchley) want you to know about their Christmas Bazaar, which is on Sunday 30th November between 1 and 4 pm.  All will be made most welcome - lots of interesting items on sale and things to do.  Don't miss it!

What was it like to be Jesus, to be both true man and true God? It might seem like an impossible question to answer but Anne Rice makes a creditable attempt to answer it in her novels Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt (dealing with Our Lord as a child) and Christ the Lord: the Road to Cana (where he is a young man living in Nazareth). And if the name Anne Rice rings a bell, she first came to notice as the author of a cycle of novels about vampires, most famously Interview with the Vampire . But now she has returned to the Faith, and these novels, with one more to come, are among the fruits of that conversion.


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