Fr Tom Egan, Fr Vincent Malone, Gerard Barden, Greg Howard, Allan McGeechan, John Donnelly, Kathy Wurr, Jackie Reddington, Patrick Bolger, Mary Bolger, Felicity Brown, Ramon Landi, Michael McGowan, Tom Molloy, Maureen Molloy, Eileen Nagle, Dan Hewitt, Brian Hunt, Melanie Gibbons, Eduardo Albert.

Chair: Gerard Barden
Minutes recorded by: Greg Howard (standing in for Kevin Keenan).

Kevin Keenan, Clare O’Brien, Martin O’Brien.

Opening Prayer
The meeting opened with a prayer.

Fr Tom Egan, Fr Vincent Malone, Edoardo Albert, Pat Madigan, Melanie Gibbons, Greg Howard, Sean Carroll, Gerard Barden, Kevin Keenan

Libby Biberian, Ray Landi, Felicity Brown

Minutes of last Parish Council meeting
The minutes of the parish council meeting of 3 December 2012 were signed as being correct by the Chair.

Fr Tom and Fr Vincent meet on Monday mornings to plan the week ahead and review events.  They discuss the content of the newsletter and make sure the diaries are up to date. 

Fr Thomas Parayadyil, continues to work with his community as the Syro-Malabar chaplain. Fr Johnson Alexander has been celebrating weekend masses while Fr Antonio Serra, is the new Priest in Charge of the Italian Mission at Ponders End joining the Enfield Deanery in September.

Operationally, Jane Landi runs the Parish Office while Kevin Keenan is Secretary for the Parish Council. The Parish Council and Finance Committee meet on a quarterly basis, here in the Parish Centre to review matters arising both pastoral and practical. The time and effort contributed by the members is very much appreciated and valued.

Fr Tom Egan, Patrick Bolger, Greg Howard, Ray Landi, Felicity Brown, Gerard Barden, Melanie Gibbons, Kevin Keenan.

Fr Vincent Malone, Libby Biberian, Sean Carroll, Patrick Madigan, Edoardo Albert

Minutes of last Parish Council meeting
Minutes of the meeting of 24 September 2012 were signed as being correct by The Chair.

Matters Arising From Previous Meeting
·    Security
A quote has been received for the upgrading of the CCTV system. We are awaiting a response from a second company and third suggested by Patrick Madigan who we hope will also quote for the work. This is now urgent; since the last Parish Council meeting there has been another attempted break in (a window was smashed in the office).

·    Hi-Fi (Main Parish Hall)
Ray advised as far as he is aware the PA system via the ceiling the speakers in the hall is working – the old floor standing speakers are broken and the PA is activated from the storage cupboard.

Fr Tom Egan, Gerard Barden, Kevin Keenan, Edoardo Albert, John Donnelly, Patrick Bolger, Mary Bolger, Bob Westbury, Eileen Nagle, Chris Nagle, Ramon Landi.

Fr Vincent Malone, Libby Biberian, Felicity Brown, Joe Sutton, Greg Howard, Clare O’Brien, Martin O’Brien, Pat Madigan, Janet Butterworth.

Minutes of the last AGM on 3rd July 2011
Minutes were agreed and signed as being correct by the Chair with no matters arising.