Please remember that this Friday, 8th May, is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe and the end of the European war.

We will mark this special occasion in prayer during the 10am Mass on Friday.

In addition to this, there will be a national two-minute silence at 11am.  At 3pm there will be the Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of World War Two, and at 9pm there will be a special broadcast by the Her Majesty the Queen.

Please join in prayer as we recall the sacrifices made by so many, and celebrate the peace and freedom those sacrifices achieved.

There is a pastoral letter from Pope Francis to all the faithful concerning the month of May. Please follow the link to read the full text of the Holy Father's letter and the two prayers he has composed for this special time. May is the month of Mary. If possible, let us pray the rosary in our homes for all those affected by the current crisis. We can all be apostles of prayer - even from our armchairs and living rooms! God bless you all.

Today on the Third Sunday of Easter we hear the beautiful Gospel story about the mysterious appearance of the Risen Jesus on the way to Emmaus, and about how the disciples not only recognised him at the breaking of bread but also about how their faith in the resurrection was confirmed. They asked each other, 'Did not our hearts burn within us?'. May we too, like them, be moved by the power of God's word and come to even greater faith in the Risen Lord. Next week, the Fourth Sunday of Easter, is known as Good Shepherd Sunday and is the World Day of Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life.

Today, Sunday 19th April, marks the fifteenth anniversary of the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. On Thursday, Benedict also celebrated his 93rd birthday in lockdown inside the Vatican City. Today, incidentally, is also the twelfth anniversary of Fr David's ordination as a deacon.

Today is Palm Sunday - the first day of Holy Week. Through our liturgical celebrations in this special week, we enter into the mystery of the Lord's passion, death and resurrection. Please join us in prayer and online if you can as we celebrate these important days in the life of the Church. Obviously, this year our experience of Holy Week will be very different to how we normally pray and celebrate. Nevertheless, these days of Christ's saving work are at the heart of our faith. DR.

Palm Sunday 5th April

(6.30pm Vigil Mass)

10am Sunday Mass

5pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Monday 6th April

10am Weekday Mass

5pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Tuesday 7th April

10am Weekday Mass

5pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Wednesday 8th April

10am Weekday Mass

5pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament


Holy Thursday 9th April

10am Morning Prayer

7.30pm Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper


Good Friday 10th April

Day of Fasting and Abstinence

10am Morning Prayer & Office of Readings

11am Fr David's message to Young Parishioners

3pm Celebration of the Passion of the Lord


Holy Saturday 11th April

10am Morning Prayer & Office of Readings

7.30pm Solemn Easter Vigil & First Mass of Easter


Easter Sunday 12th April

10am Mass of Easter Sunday


On the Fifth Sunday of Lent, we enter the special time of Lent known as ‘Passiontide’.  Today we hear the Gospel about Lazarus who comes back from the dead. Like the Samaritan woman, and the blind man healed by Jesus, this Gospel is about those who come to faith after being enlightened by Christ. Jesus prays that the Father might cause everyone ‘to believe’ that it was God who sent him, and that everyone might believe through the miracle he works. Christ, our Saviour, is the one who came to seek out and save that which was lost, and call back to life those who were dead.

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as 'Laetare Sunday'. Today is one of two days when we use rose coloured vestments - a lighter shade of the darker purple which signifies our joy and hope. Right now, there is much to hope for and much to pray for. This has been the saddest Lent I have ever known, but even now we see much goodness and kindness all around us, it can really lift our spirits. Today is also Mothering Sunday. Although the people cannot come to church today, we still want to extend our greetings and love to all the mums of the parish, as we know you all do the same. Please try to say some prayers at home, follow our Masses on the website at 10am if you can. We miss you all - we send you our prayers and love.

Today, on the Third Sunday of Lent, we hear the magnificent Gospel passage about the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. In her encounter with Christ, the woman comes to faith. She then spreads the message about Jesus to everyone she knows. Ultimately, they all come to believe in Christ whom they declare, 'the Saviour of the world.' May our faith also spread among others so that they too might come to believe and be saved.

The Church stands in solidarity with all European citizens who have made their homes here in Britain - they are a valued part of our parishes, schools and communities. For this reason, we would like to highlight this information for the attention of parishioners who may be affected: All EU, EEA and Swiss citizens living in the UK are required by the UK government to apply through its Settlement Scheme to continue living, working and accessing services here. Details and links to the application process can be found at: Information on assistance for those who may have difficulty applying is available at: The deadline for the scheme is 30th June 2021.

Today on the First Sunday of Lent we hear about Jesus's experience in the wilderness. In this Year of the Word, we are asked to listen more carefully to God who speaks to us. In Lent we are invited to join Jesus in the wilderness in order to really hear what God is saying. This can be an uncomfortable challenge when sometimes we come face to face with our real selves, along with all the attachments and ambitions that seek to rule us. Like Christ, let us rely on the power of the Word of God to overcome every temptation. Please pray for the Rev. Matthew Harbage who will be licensed as the Vicar of St Paul's Church of England Parish this week. We wish him well as he begins his new ministry.