Exodus 17: 8-13
Moses prays for the newly liberated Hebrews in their military engagement but when he can no longer hold out his arms in supplication Aaron and Hur support them and the battle is won.

2 Timothy 3: 14 - 4.2
Paul reminds Timothy to be true to his teachers (among whom was Paul), to what he has been taught, to the scriptures, and to take every opportunity to proclaim the word of God

Luke 18: 1-8
The widow seeks justice from a judge who is unconcerned and gives no answer.  Her persistence finally wins through.  By contrast, God will always see justice done to those who cry out.

2 Kings 5: 14-17
Naaman the Syrian general is healed of his leprosy in the Jordan and gives thanks to Israel’s God.

2 Timothy 2: 8-13
Paul bears his suffering for the sake of the Good News, which he preaches in the hope that all may experience the salvation that is promised in Christ Jesus.

Luke 17: 11-19
Jesus cures the ten lepers but notices that it the foreigner, the Samaritan, who is the only one to come back to thank and praise God.

Habakkuk 1: 2-3, 2:2-4
The Prophet raises the complaint that tyranny and violence succeed.  In reply the Lord insists that the upright will live by faithfulness.

2 Timothy 1: 6-8. 13-14

Timothy is urged to stir up the Spirit’s gifts of power, love and self-control, and to continue his mission in reliance upon the power of God.

Luke 17: 5-10
The apostles beg for an increase in faith, Jesus assures them that faith can move moutains.

Amos 6: 1. 4-7
The prophet warns the self-indulgent rich people of his time.

1 Timothy 6: 11-16
St Paul encourages his favourite disciple.

Luke 16: 19-31
Jesus has a pointed lesson for the Pharisees about excessive self-interest and neglect of poor people.

Amos 8: 4-7
The Lord does not forget a single thing we do.

1 Timothy 2: 1-8
We are to offer prayers for everyone.

Luke 16: 1-13
We are asked to use God’s gifts wisely.